Bloomon. Everyday Happiness.

    Commercial, Tagons & Online Content

    Bloomon delivers happiness right to your doorstep: beautiful fresh flowers. Our assignment: make two commercials and online content that a appeals to young, strong and successful women. We produced two commercials and several tagons for The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, an extended online version and online videos.

    Client: Bloomon - Creatives: Michiel Steijn & Bas Andries - Director: Michiel Steijn


    Commercial 25"







    Online commercial

    When things are not going as planned, live throws you a curve ball and everything goes down the drain you always can have a Troost (meaning: comfort). For advertising agency NEEW we made an online commercial and with the footage of the commercial we made 14 pieces of separate content: videos, GIFS and stills

    Agency: NEEW - Director: Teddy Cherim







    Coravin. Have one glass of wine.


    Instore videos, header video for website, social media edit & standalones

    With the Coravin Wine System everybody can have a glass of their favourite wine without pulling the cork, saving the rest of the bottle for another moment. For Coravin Europe we made an instore video for 7 European countries, 5 standalone online videos, a mood film and a cutdown for social media. Cheers!

    Client: Coravin Europe - Scripts: Huub Lensvelt - Director: Huub Lensvelt (in cooperation with Helder)


    Header video for website

    Instore video - Italian version

    Standalone video: Cheese & Port

    Standalone video: Some music and a glass of wine







    Bijenkorf. Art of Beauty.

    Branded Content

    To promote the beauty department of the Bijenkorf we made series of videos with just the right tone-of-voice to attract the attention of a younger audience for this Dutch department store.

    Client: Bijenkorf - Concept: Nicole Huisman - Director Nicole Huisman









    Music Videos



    We love music. And we love to make music videos because music videos are like little short films of 3 or 4 minutes. In which we can put a lot of creativity and use lots of are producing skills. Making special things happen on a limited budget.



    Artist: Kempi - Title: Oh mama - Director: Michael Middelkoop

    Artist: Emma Bale - Title: Run - Director: Milan Amzic

    Title: Higher - Script: Huub Lensvelt - Director: Huub Lensvelt 

    Artist: Finidi George - Title: De Likt - Director: Max Siedentopf

    Artist: SBMG - Title: Hard Gaan - Director: Sharif Abd El Mawla





    Artist: Nielson - Title: Ik heb een meisje thuis - Director:



    Social Media Posts & A fun Making off...

    The advertising agency MullenLowe Alfred made a commercial for Rama with Nosh Foodfilm. During the two day commercial shoot we, as a second crew, shot enough footage to make six social media post and a great Making off... These are posted on social media when the main commercial is running.

    Agency: MullenLowe Alfred - Client: Unilever/RAMA - Director: Huub Lensvelt (in cooperation with Helder)


    Commercial for RAMA - Directed by Niels La Croix/Nosh Foodfilm 

    Facebook Post: Dressing the Sandwich




    Facebook Post: Getting the Sandwhich

    Behind the Scenes



    Branded Content

    Union introduced a revolutionary new kind of bicycle: it's modular! To launch this uber-cool bike we made two online videos for Achtung!

    Agency: Achtung! - Director: Milan Amzic








    Jumbo & Jumbo Foodmarkt


    Online videos

    In the Jumbo Foodmarkt your pizza is made and baked while you wait, a sushi chef makes the most delicious kinds of sushi right there, in the middle of the store. In online videos you can see the craft of the chefs and the fresh ingredients. By filming some additional footage we also could make a version for Jumbo Supermarkt, where the fresh pizza and sushi is not made but only sold.


    Agency: Alfred International -  Scripts: Huub Lensvelt - Director: Huub Lensvelt (in cooperation with Helder)

    Online video: Pizza Presto!

    Cutdown Jumbo Supermarkt: Pizza to go!




    Jumbo Foodmarkt: It's sushi time!



    Branded Content is growing fast and needs to find and hire the best people. Fast! These branded content videos give people a ‘sneak preview’ what kind of people work there and what the culture is like. 

    Client: - Concept: Jan Schneider - Director: Jan Schneider









    We Love Film


    Short film

    Doogle loves film. With various directors we produced several short films.


    Sterk - Director: Yim Brakel

    Melkweg 51 - Director:

    Trailer Vigor - Director:





    Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 13.04.56.png

    Universiteit van Nederland


    Web series

    De Universiteit van Nederland offers an online stage to the best professors of The Netherlands. In these web series a wide variety of topics is presented. All to make knowledge fun and accessible for everyone. The web series are daily broadcasted by Ziggo and local television channel AT5. And off course these series are always available online.

    Client: Universiteit van Nederland