For Nielson, Finidi George, Emma Bale...


Music videos

We love music. And we love to make music videos because music videos are like little short films of 3 or 4 minutes. In which we can put a lot of creativity and use lots of our producing skills. Making special things happen on a limited budget.



Artist: Kempi - Title: O mama - Director: Michael Middelkoop 

Artist: Nielson

Title: Higher - Script: Huub Lensvelt - Director: Huub Lensvelt 

Artist: Re-Play - Title: Mona Lisa - Director: Bobby Boermans 

Artist: SBMG - Title: Hard Gaan - Director: Sharif Abd Mawla

Artist: Finidi George - Title: De Likt - Director: Max Siedentopf

Artist: Emma Bale - Title: Run - Director: Milan Azic